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I'm a multidisciplinary designer living in Mumbai. Currently leading design @BrowserStack.

For the past 8+ years I've worked at the intersection of design and technology building people-focused experiences. Previously, design founder at Google's 30 Weeks. I have had the privilege to work with the great folks at Google, VH1, Star Sports,, Mahindra & Mahindra, Godrej & many more.
Aside from that, I travel, surf and take photos.

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Good Fucking Design Advice - Chrome Extention

– ux, dev, collab, interface design

I worked with the foul-mouthed dudes at Good Fucking Design Advice to kill the boring new tab and serve poignant advice daily to give you a little nudge (or maybe more than a nudge), head to the chrome app store.


– visual design, ux, dev, branding, marketing

Problem: Legal documents are are hard to read and interpret.

Insight: People approach their friends or family with legal knowledge/background to understand legalese.

Solution: Roger. Roger simplifies legal documents using machine learning. It scans the text on the document and converts it to simple english that even a 9th grader can understand.

After being invited to Google's 30 Weeks and excited to "learn by launching" I flew from Bombay to NYC. Looking for insights and learning from my surroundings I stumbled upon legal jargon being hard to interpret, I experienced this with a rental agreement. Several user interviews and workshops were subsequently conducted to understand subjects like legal jargon, transparency in digital age, simplicity, harnessing the power of A.I. At this point it had me, I continued to scratch my own itch. At 30 Weeks, I implemented the right research tools under the mentorship of industry experts and learned new techniques to synthesize this research. Roger's progression went through different stages like validation, iteration, design, development, business model creation, branding and so on. I feel very fortunate to collaborate/work with brilliant minds from Frog Design, Betaworks, StoryCorps, Reason Street, Windforce Ventures, NOOKA and Hyper Island.
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Roger - landing page
Incepted and developed at Google 30 Weeks.

I spent a lot of time on the whiteboard looking at the problem through different lenses. Post-its for victory!

User research and validation
User Journey and Wireframe - First cut

Several discussions, meetups, restless nights, chrome bookmarks, beers and pizzas later it was time to put the visuals together, set the product roadmap and get started with the development.

BrowserStack Features Page
Hero unit - Moods Illustrated icons
Demonight Lokesh Khemani

BrowserStack Live Redesign

– visual design, ux, illustration, atomic design

Designed with a style-guide driven approach, BrowserStack's redesign started early 2015. Significant attention was paid to simplicity and nativeness. My goal for the features page was to visualize what the product can do and then narrate this into an experience. We spent good amount of time researching and setting the right typography grids. It was my first attempt at implementing Brad Frost's Atomic Design principles on a product of this scale. Initially, there was a bit of a learning curve for us as a team. As the layout was being developed I worked on the visuals and made them shine. Lot of collaboration within the teams as well as agile workflows gave us the ability to take the site in a direction that excited the customers. Visit the site to see my work live.

BrowserStack Features Page

Fill in the Potholes Project

– co-creation, photography, branding, ui, xd

The Fill in the Potholes Project began as a humorous take on the sorry state of roads in Mumbai city, so as to drive the attention of people and authorities alike towards this grave problem. An unusual way of filling them with stories, where potholes are the protagonists. I was responsible for the entire experience and visuals for the project. The site had to be simple and the message had to be clear. Horizontal scroll enabled me to showcase all stories in a single page, yet showing one story at a time like a montage. The project was well received and was mentioned in Huffington Post, The Guardian, The Hindu, Scoop Whoop to name a few. Even after 2 years the analytics still shows new users from around the globe checking and sharing the project. So we revamped and released a 2.0 with a click navigation and several other additions. Visit the site.

Spothole App

– co-creation, branding, ui, xd, android, ios, crowdfunding

To fill the potholes you have to mark them first. A Mobile App, to empower and help Mumbaikars to use their smartphones to report the GPS location and picture of a pothole, averting the plethora of problems that arrive with these craters. The app is available on iOS and Android.

Spothole App
Spothole App

– art direction, motion, code helps you find your perfect home with its real estate app. Earlier last year, Moving Brands rebranded Housing, right before the grand brand launch I got the opportunity to solely drive an exciting project that involved creating rich media banners for remarketing purpose. After hours of research and investigation I found SMIL was the answer. SMIL animates SVG file with code. The complete code was further converted to base64 which allowed you to dynamically control the text displayed on the banner.

It's challenging projects like these that make me feel exhilarated working and experimenting with new tools.

Housing Remarketing Rich Media Banner Housing Remarketing Rich Media Banner Housing Remarketing Rich Media Banner

The Magic Pencil Project

– branding, ui, ux

How do you get an entire country excited about a drawing competition? They say, there is a child inside all of us who believes in magic, who believes in the impossible and isn’t afraid to express it. We offered ICICI Bank a guerrilla marketing campaign to promote and invite participants for their nationwide drawing contest. By creating a pencil, that brought everything you draw to life and a make believe start-up called the Magic Pencil Project. Finally, the winning pieces would be auctioned and the money raised would bring the drawings to life, literally.

Magic pencil project also won the Kyoorius Blue Elephant Award for a successful integrated digital campaign. The project recieved more than 1,000,000 hits. More on this here.

ICICI Magic Pencil Project

Around the web in 80 clicks

Around the web in 80 clicks is a work-in-progress art curation project identifying trends. The project is looking for collaborators. More on this soon, until then visit the page.

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